Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend with Karin, James and the kids - Sunday

On Sunday we all drove to Stamford (see map) to visit Burghley House. We had a tour of the house (no photography allowed unfortunately), as well as a very nice roast dinner lunch in the Orangery restaurant.
After this we used our tickets to tour the grounds, including the water based Gardens of Surprise, and the sculpture garden, which had lots of impressive sculptures all over the grounds.
We were lucky enough to come across some very tame deer, as well as watching a duck and her chicks walk past us on their way to the lake.
All the weekend photos are here:

Eirik wearing some cool shades!

Drive to Burghley House at EveryTrail

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend with Karin, James and the kids - Saturday

Friday night, Siv and I drove up to see Karin, James, Nori and Eirik. We had a good run up there (see map), and had a relaxing eveing with them.
On Saturday morning, James and I went with Eirik for football training. After this we all headed into Boston, and had lunch at the Maud Foster Windmill, one of the few working windmills left!
In the evening we were invited to a jazz party at the home of one of Nori and Eirik's teachers to raise funds for the Parents' Association. The food was an impressive hog roast, and we all provided our own drinks.
All the weekend photos are here:

Eirik at football training.

Afternoon tea of stawberries and cream!

James tries out his new extending ladder.

Drive to Karin and James at EveryTrail

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trip to Oslo - A quick stop-off to see Hedda, Cathrine and Ståle

On my way back to the airport, Ståle picked me up so I could take a quick trip and visit the new arrival Hedda! She had a good sleep last night, about 8 hours, so she was full of life while I was there; She's tiny and very cute!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip to Oslo - Memory lane

I'm just back from a couple of days working in Oslo...I was lucky enough to get an hour or so to take a little trip down memory lane and re-visit some of my old haunts...

Aker Brygge and the boradwalk

Oslo's dramatic new Opera House

The Royal Palace and grounds...which Siv and I would pass each day on our way to work

The flat Siv and I shared for a year, in Hegdehaugsveien

Its not Philly!

The Belfy pub, where Siv and I met!

A view over Oslo from the new Opera House

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello little Hedda!

Here's the first couple of photos from Siv's brother Ståle of his and Cathrine's new baby girl, named Hedda. She was born yesterday (June 22nd) and I'm pleased to say baby, Mum and Dad are all doing fine!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meeting Marit in town

Marit was in town with her nephews, so we met them in town along with Jo, Jonathan and Daniel. Siv and I walked through Hyde Park, past Baden-Powell House and met them by the Natural History Museum, before going on for a dinner at Bella Italia.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

PJ's Barbecue for Mill

Phil had a Barbecue for Mill before he headed back to Canada. As you can see a good time was had by all, including a lot of fun with the new sport of beanbag diving!

Jasmine playing with Madeleine and Eleanor


Harvey walking home in my Jacket, as his had gone AWOL!

The magic chimney!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Well done Lev!

Congratulations to Lev on completing the grueling 54 mile cycle ride from London to Brighton in 5 hours on behalf of charity. And raising a good total.