Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Essex Senior Cup Final

At Roots Hall, for the final of the Essex Senior Cup which Hornchurch won 2-1 . There was a good turn out of fans for a Tuesday night game.

On the road to glory!!

Waiting in the stands for the game to start.

The Urchins in action!

The packed stand

The tension starts to show for Gerkin and Clive.

In the bar at half time....missing the Wakering Equaliser!

A momentous night!

Finally, some silverware for the Urchins trophy cabinet!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Over the fields with Millie, Russell, Mum and Dad

It was a nice afternoon, so we went for a walk over the fields....though these are now called The Ingrebourne Valley Greenway, leading up to Hornchurch Country Park

As You can see, Millie enjoyed it, and got rather muddy!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mike Nallen, we miss you!!

A large group of people got together at The Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market (where else?) for a memorial pint of Young's remembering Mike, the large turnout indicative of how fondly remembered he is.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day in the U.K. yesterday, here's me, Mum and Dad with CD of the Helen Merrill album that Dan Walsh kindly downloaded for us. On the floor is Grace and her dog Millie

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weekend with Siw, Jens and PK

Siv's cousin Siw, and her two sons, Jens and PK visited us this last weekend from Mo i Rana.

On Saturday, we walked down from Hampstead tube, to Primrose Hill then along the Regent's Canal.On the way from the tube we passed a road called Marty's which was an organization called The Philadelphia Association - Coincidence or what?
On Sunday, we headed down to Southend, where it was an extremely sunny day, if a bit breezy. Here we are out on the end of the Pier.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

West Ham 3 - 4 Tottenham

Rune's trip to West Ham was a disappointment...even though we saw Carlos Tevez' first goal from a free kick, it sadly ended in defeat.

Even the Beijing Olympic mascots at half time couldn't bring any luck...

So in the end there was nothing else to do except drown his sorrows in The Spotted Dog

Saturday, March 03, 2007

OK Lemmy, match this!

Rune goes on a bender in the Dick Turpin, before hitting 'The cupboard of doom'...can Lemmy keep up?

Rune the East End Geezer

Rune's over for the West Ham / Tottenham game tomorrow, so how better to prepare for the game with some Pie and Mash at Robins in Ilford!!

Keane at Wembley Arena

Went to see Keane at Wembley awful lot of people there! A good concert, though the distance away compared to the KB Hallen in Copenhagen late last year means it wasn't quite as good as that one, though the stage show was a bit more slick this time.

We didn't see them set up or dismantle this little mini stage halfway through the concert...very cleverly done!

Quite a spectacular light show at the end!

Weekend in Oslo

We were in Oslo for Ingvild's 34th Birthday, Jose's 51st Birthday, and their 4th Wedding anniversary!! Here's a photo of the birthday girl and boy...taken sneakily!

Meanwhile Markus was very proud of his new earring...even if it is only magnetic...

He's become quite an artist...though his main topic seems to have a Satanic influence ;-)

Leif was happy to relax and watch the Skiing on TV while the snow fell outside...