Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday out in Southend

Travelled down to Southend, to go to a West Ham pre-season friendly against Southend, before going on for a bit of a pub crawl...and the downward spiral of the quality of pubs!

The lads heading down to the seafront.

By the end of the night, I think its fair to say we were in slightly less classy pubs.....

It was supposed to be a friendly...but less than 10 minutes into the game things got a bit heated!

Here's a bit of the flavour of how the post game drinks progressed....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Had to put this in....

Its nothing to do with me and Siv, but with all of the hoo-ha over West Ham, this is very good!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keane at the O2

We Went to see Keane at The O2. As ever, a very good concert! After the concert we had a few drinks with John and Audrey, a couple we met there, and were chatting away so much we almost missed our last trains home!
Siv having a pre-concert Cosmo!

The beach at The O2.

Keane onstage with us watching.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday up town

We were going to spend the day up town with Lev and Sarah. But before we met them, we met Jan and Silje who were in town for the weekend.

We then met Lev, Sarah and Sarah's friend Heather at The Porterhouse for a few drinks. We then moved onto The Dickens Inn, before going for a curry down Brick Lane at The Nazrul before heading home.

Monday, July 09, 2007

U.S. holiday Part 4 - Philly

On our return to Philly from Wildwood, we thought about going to the July 4th celebrations in town...but the rain put us off that idea!

The day after, we headed down to South Street for a wander round, before sadly having to leave everyone and come back to rainy England...Hopefully we'll be going back again soon.

U.S. Holiday Part 3 - Wildwood

On the Sunday after breakfast, we keaded off to Wildwood in New Jersey. Which can best be described as Blackool on steroids!! With its 2 mile boardwalk (watch the tram car please), with Arcades, rides etc. There is also the huge beaches and Saltwater Taffy shops to keep you amused! And remember to "watch the tramcar please"!

The police have unusual Police cars for the boardwalk!

The beach was CROWDED!

U.S. Holiday Part 2 - The Wedding

Going to the U.S we were a little worried in case Rick would manage to injure himself either before the wedding or on the day (given his track record). Fortunately everything went well....but given this recenltly released footage from the stag (bachelor) party, it could have been oh so different!

Anyway, on the Thursday night we went to the Wedding Rehearsal dinner. Then on the Saturday to the Wedding itself, followed the reception at the American Visionary Art Museum. Everyone had a great time, and it seemed like Kim and Kevin had a blast as well!

At the Rehearsal Dinner

The happy couple (A tip of the hat to Dan the Man for the close up photo)!

Kevin and Chris on the blog!!

U.S. Holiday Part 1 - Baltimore

We're just back from The U.S. where we went to Kim and Kevin's wedding. The first couple of days after our arrival, we were able to spend some time looking around Baltimore.

A lot of things revolve around the harbour in Baltimore, and you find that many things are crab related, as its on Chesapeake Bay.