Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend with Eli, Jan and family in Gjøvik

We had a great weekend with Eli, Jan and their family in Gjøvik. On the Friday night...it turned into a bit of a karaoke party!! Here's the videos and photos.....


Maren running through the house....

My new 'look' as made by Lisa and Sigrid.

Of course EVERYONE remembers 'Las Ketchup' (even if they deny it!!)

Jan in the Megabus!!

Siv and Maren compare Ice Creams

Eli and Jan's house

On the Sunday, it was very nice weather so we headed out to see an all year ski jump, where some brave souls were jumping onto plastic slopes.

Relaxing on the deck on Sunday

We went into town on the Sunday afternoon, and had a drink outside Chaplins cafe. Sitting next to us was a very cute young Gordon Setter dog called Sascha.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hopes and Fears

Well what an afternoon that was. Seeing West Ham stay in the Premiership involved 2 hours of torture in O'Neills pub in Southend with the lads...lets hope next season isn't quite as traumatic!

The Final words of the day go to Mr. John Cox:

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday with Trish and Welski

Had a great Sunday with Trish and Welski near Clacton. In the evening, we went to the pier to see a free fireworks display. On the way back Welski tried his hand (unsuccesfully) to get a toy with the 'crane' game.
Welski abandons using the crane and tries to move Pooh out of the case using telekinesis.

We left just before the heavens opened (Welski mailed this to me)! Each time we visit it seems that some kind of superstorm seems to follow in our wake!

Impossible is nothing???

Went to West Ham to see them play Bolton.

The tension in The Spotted Dog before the game...

Given that title line, Adidas should provide the kits next season if "the great escape" actually happens! Again it was Tevez who worked the magic. After the game the players did a lap of the pitch...next Sunday will be unbearable!!