Thursday, September 27, 2007

A quick stop over in Oslo

On my way back from Aaland, I was able to spend a night in Oslo. I managed to catch up with Derek, and pictured here, John and Brian.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Working again in Åland

I've been back in Mariehamn in Åland, working again. Here's a few photographs of the trip and the surroundingsThere was a very impressive full moon while I was there! This is the view from my hotel window.

The KLF have left the island! Pyramid blaster, Mariehamn style.

I was lucky enough to have a couple of decent evenings to go out and see the nature, with Autumn approaching.

The Mariebad, a good place for a sauna.

Quite an impressive sky from the Air Åland plane window on the way over.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend with Grae and Fi in Westcliff

Had a great weekend with Fi, Grae and Harvey down in Westcliff. On Sunday afternoon, we went for a walk along the seafront. Harvey went on his trike with his crash helmet! We stopped for a Rossi ice cream, very nice!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A night at the gherkin

We were here, right at the top!

Had a fantastic time with Lev and Sarah at the restaurant at the top of The Gherkin. We had drinks in the bar first before going onto the restaurant. As you can see from the photos and videos, the views over London are fabulous! We went for the 'taster' menu, which actually turns out to be about 7 courses! Additionally, the menu includes a wine selection for the various courses that are chosen to compliment the food. Each course looked relatively small but by the end I don't think any of us were hungry, and the petit fours with coffee went relatively untouched!!

Making an eple kake

Siv and I made an apple cake to a traditional Norwegian eple kake recipe. Here's the results, which went down well when I took it into work!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Four Micks

Had to post this classic from Kim and Kevin's wedding back in the end of June!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Trip to see Marit - Part 3

On the Saturday, we met up with Tore and Øylin, and headed over to Merdø on a small ferry. Both Tore and Øylin were brave enough to go swimming....while it was warm out, the water felt a bit chilly to me, I guess its these tough vikings!

Trip to see Marit - Part 2

On the Friday, we went on a tour of Arendal town centre, before heading out to Bjellandstrand and the restaurant there for lunch and a tour of the wonderful rose garden, and a quick visit to the animals - A goat, a Canadian pig (which I think was a variety of Pot Bellied pig) and a couple of rabbits. The pig made some really strange sounds (which should be on the video)! After this we went on a bit of a tour of the area with some stunning scenery.

Trip to see Marit - Part 1

We flew into Kristiansand airport, and after being picked by Marit, as it was her birthday, we drove straight to Lillesand to meet up with her family at the Beddingen restaurant overlooking the harbour. Later on, we went back to Marit's parents' place for coffee and ENORMOUS cakes, followed by the trip to Marit's house in Arendal.
"William" and "Harry" mucking about!

The birthday girl!