Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend in Helsinki with Risto

Siv and I spent the weekend in Helsinki after my work there finished.

On Friday night we walked around town a bit in some quite heavy snow. Here's Siv standing by an ice sculpture near the train station.

On the Saturday Morning we went for a walk around town. By now it was sunny and cold. Here we are outside the impressive railway station in central Helsinki.

Later that day, Risto came and picked us up, and we went out to his house in Nurmijärvi. While he prepared dinner, Siv, Ville and I went for a walk. By now the wind was picking up, and it was a bit chilly to say the least!!

In the evening we relaxed and generally had a very pleasant time. Here's Risto with a gift from his sister for his 50th you can see, its Valio themed!

And of course what other way would you want to end the evening except to sit in a sauna be whipped by Risto with birch twigs and then roll around in the snow in minus 13c !! Here's Ville, Vellu and myself braving it. Risto opted for a shower!

21st Jan 2006 - Karin and James

On the Sunday with Karin and James, we went to Antons Gowt for a walk, and saw a huge number of people rowing along the river Witham

We later walked back (by now the sun was out) and had a drink in the Malcolm Arms

Nori and Eirik pedaling off into the distance!!!

20th Jan 2006 - Karin and James

We spent a very pleasant weekend with James and Karin up in Kirton Lincolnshire.

On the Saturday, we drove up to Skegness and spent time on the beach. Very nice but very bracing.

Later in the day, we visited Natureland and watched the seals and Jackass Penguins being fed. They even had an albino seal that had been rescued and was being cared for.

Before coming home, we stopped for a quick drink at the rather unusual Suncastle

A really nice day out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brrrr...Chilly here in Helsinki!

Working this week in Helsinki, its turned a bit cold now, with quite a bit of snow. Here's me standing down the road from Helsinki Cathedral tuomiokirkko

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Eagles fans.....

Here's some more fans who will be ready for the Saints game...none other than the Walsh clan at their favourite tailgating spot!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve in The Wherry

We spent New Year's Eve with the locals in The Wherry, a fine pub, and took part in the Pub Quiz, which we won by one point! A Good night all in all...though on the walk back we had torrential rain!!

A close call for our team The Trolls!

Here's Baxter, a cute dog in the pub...A Tibetan Terrier apparently. He loved sausage rolls!

Siv and Sarah celebrate their Pub Quiz winnings!

Lev and was apparently fancy dress...though it seemed only Nubby had made the effort!

People were amazed by Nubby's legs!!

Lev imitating Winston Churchill with his Montecristo cigar.

After a few hours in The Wherry, things can start to look like this!

An example of Nubby's crystal clear Adnams - "The best a man can get!" - He also had sterling pints of Broadside and Old.

New year in Kirby Cane - St Peters Brewery

We had a great New Year weekend up in Kirby Cane, its always fun with Lev and Sarah. As usual there was a lot of eating and drinking....the first day's lunch was at the atmospheric St. Peter's Brewery, a short drive from Kirby Cane. Excellent food and a great range of beers which Lev topped off with the Cream Stout and I had the Honey Porter.

Lev certainly enjoyed the Kedgeree!

The history of the funky shaped bottles...modeled on one made in New Jersey across the Delaware from Philly (Thanks to Fran for the correction)!!


Lev and Sarah....distended stomachs not shown!!!

Posing outside the brewery....with a howling wind !!